Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program

Through our Sponsorship Program, selected riders are entitled to receive:

  • Discounts towards the purchase of Urmosi Throttles products
  • Free access to our Racing Technical Support
  • Exclusive Access to tuning seminars before practice with factory-trained technicians at select events
  • Worldwide exposure and recognition through Urmosi Throttles web site, Facebook page and distribution network
  • Free promotional items

In return, racers must:

  • Represent Urmosi Throttles in a professional manner at all times
  • Provide a technical report of appreciation (upon demand)
  • Provide various contents such as photos of Urmosi Throttles-equipped vehicle, race pits and action shots for each race attended throughout the season, which are free of any copyright and which can be used for promotional purpose either in print or shared via online media
  • Affix provided stickers in a visible location on all race, practice and utility vehicles used, including such as trailers or motorized rigs used at races, practices and around pits.
  • Mention Urmosi Throttles as a sponsor in all available occasions such as interviews, podiums, posters, postcards and any similar promotional products
  • Promote Urmosi Throttles products and send to Urmosi Throttles referrals interested in purchasing products
  • Provide a final report of the season, including complete race results, problems encountered, etc…


Online Application

The 2024 Program is open and we are now accepting applications. Applications must be submitted by November 30th. Apply Now!



Only a limited number of sponsorship openings are available for each class in select race series. Every racer gets a shot at those openings but only the most deserving applicants will be selected.

We accept applications during a specific period. For the best chance to receive support, don’t wait until the last minute to apply if you’re seriously committed.


About the Program

We are proud to offer this sponsorship program to help racers get to the races with proper suspension. Since the beginning, our company’s strong involvement in racing has helped us develop some of the most advanced shock absorbers on the market, which have been used to win more races and overall titles throughout the world than any other brand.

We are looking for serious riders that can provide professional exposure, but more importantly valuable feedback on the products and service. This critical information is vital to help us ensure that what we make is constantly meeting the needs of the most demanding customers of all; the racers.

Every year, we support hundreds of deserving racers and events all around the globe. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be up front, you are welcome to apply for sponsorship. Not everyone will get full factory support, but for many riders, sometimes just a little help might make the difference between missing a race and winning it.


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